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    J.K.G. Gate performs an incoming inspection of the manufacturers parts, provides storage (safety stock), and JIT delivery services.

    J.K.G. Gate’s three warehouses are located in Michigan and Texas in U.S. and Mexico.

    J.K.G Gate’s  Warehouse Offers Sorting & Containment Services
    If a quality issue occurs, J.K.G. Gate provides immediate sort/containment action. We localize the lot and initiate containment of inventory. We establish sort instructions and coordinate with the Vendor Partner for parallel sort activity. J.K.G. Gate manages the sort/containment of in-house material as well as the pipeline to provide the Customer with Certified Shipments. J.K.G. Gate also provides independent Sort and Containment Services.
    Repacking Services
    When required, JKG Gate repacks bulk material from corrugation to customer owned returnable totes. JKG Gate can also provide individual or private label packaging for our customers.
    Production Control & Logistics(US Based)
    JKG Gate is fully EDI compliant, managing releases, forecasts and shipping notifications. We interface with the Customer’s PC&L activity for requirements and cumulative shipment information and work with the Customer to resolve any release discrepancies. We regularly provide our Vendor Partners with shipping reports for consigned material.